Payback percentage of a slot machine

Payback percentage of a slot machine

Now given the fact that there are several possibilities when it comes to jackpots and payouts, how the slot machines are still kept fair? Because, ultimately the ability for altering the possibilities of winning the jackpot could render the House with an unfair gain.

The answer to this doubt is a factor known as “payback percentage”. It means that a particular percentage of money inserted into the slot machines is ultimately given back to the player. This is a whole number ranging from 0 to 100 – 10 percent of the entire amount from the machine is given back in a payback percentage having 90 pays. Even when the machine dispenses 90 percent amount of the total money, the casino still gets the profits. You will never see that the payout percentage is above 99, it will not make any sense for offering the game by the casino.

The law for the payback percentage differs vastly from state to state. In most of the places in the world, 75 percent payback is the least requirement, though casinos have a propensity to program the slot machines to payback at least 90 percent in order to retain the interest of the slot players. This is the reason, why certain slot machines are “looser” or “tighter” than others – the payout percentages of these machines differ, though trying to find out the payback percentage of a machine is no different from a pipe dream. It will not make any sense to advertise the payback percentage of a particular slot machine for a casino.

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