Number Generation in Slot Machines

Number Generation in Slot Machines

Every machine that is on for slotting is constantly spitting out completely random numbers hundreds of times per second. People will not be able to see these numbers but they are constantly running up all the time. Several numbers between 1 and several millions determine the result of the pull.

RNG stands for Random Number Generation, a technology that is used to simulate randomness like a shuffle of a deck of cards or a dice throw. RNG is entirely computer reliant and is also very safe as it isn’t susceptible to human interaction.

Most of the modern slots are categorised as ‘3 reel’, ‘5 reel’, or ‘7 reel’, each reel consisting of a sequence of images that may be displayed on the screen of your laptop or mobile. A computer using the RNG technology will spit out combination after combination of numbers and associate each of these numbers with a corresponding position on the virtual reel sequence.

Let’s make a simple example for better understanding. Let’s consider a 3 reel video slot. Any reel has a sequence, each sequence consists of 147 positions and each positions is represented by a symbol on your screen. So the RNG will spit out numbers, maybe 37, 57, and 118. The computer then knows to send the first reel to position 37 in its sequence, the second to 57, and the third to 118. The whole procedure will be represented on your screen with the spinning of the virtual reels that culminates with showing the corresponding symbols.

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