Chances of Winning in Slot Machine

Chances of Winning in Slot Machine

slot-jackpotMany people out there want to sell the secrets of slot machine and want to make quick bucks. The internet is loaded with such type of information, which says that a slot machine can be manipulated and results can be obtained. The best thing to do is ignore them, as they are not true at all. No one can beat a random number generator. If you think there are no chances of winning after this then you are wrong.

The chance of winning a bull’s eye is always possible, it depends upon how the slot machines virtual reel is setup. The actual odd of hitting a sign is on the slot machine’s physical reel that depends on how many of a machine’s virtual stops correspond to an actual stop on the virtual reel. If you think that it is hard, do not worry at all, just read ahead.

An average slot machine gives just one virtual stop for each jackpot payout on the reel. That makes the odd of hitting a jackpot sign on the reel just 1 in 64. If someone is playing a basic slot machine with the three reels, that means that the chances of hitting the jackpot image on the reels is 1 in 262,144.

Today’s slot machines have several paylines and utilise numerous stops on the virtual reels – big jackpots obviously need longer odds.

Another method by which today’s slot machines control payouts of jackpots is through the addition of an extra number of virtual stops to the given losing signs just below and just above the sign of the jackpot. This implies that there is a greater possibility that the player will hit the symbols indicating losing than hitting the jackpot symbols. Therefore, along with protecting the jackpot, it imparts the player with “almost hit that jackpot” feeling, that encourages the player to put more money in the machine.

Given the variations and the complexity, it would be better to infer that it is almost impossible when it comes to figuring out the odds of a slot machine. It is good to comprehend the probability of the basic slot; however, this understanding is hardly applicable to a slot machine on the go, especially to the slot machines having big jackpots, progressive bonuses and several pay lines.

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