A Few Slot Machine Terms You Need To Be Acquainted With

A Few Slot Machine Terms You Need To Be Acquainted With

gamble-slotAction – The total money that you have earned during a session. Regular players can keep a record of their performance on special club cards that casinos offer.

Basic Slots – The jackpots of slot machines having a stationary jackpot and single payline do not change over time in a way an advanced jackpot machine changes.

Bet Max – It is a button on the playing surface of the slot machine that allows the player for betting maximum credits that are allowed for one spin of the machine. By playing “bet max”, the player can get highest possible number of payouts for a particular sot machine.

Big Bertha – These are large size slot machines meant for attracting the player’s attention. They contain several reels and make a lot of noise. Big Bertha machines are meant to draw the casual business.

Big Hit – That is when you hit a jackpot combination.

Bonus Multiplier Slot Machines – It is a slot machine of a particular type, which gives larger jackpots in order to force the players for betting on maximum credits.

Carousel – It is a cluster of machines. These carousels are generally composed of similar kinds of machines, such as “nickel slots” or “dollar slots”.

Cold Slots – These are the slot machines, which pay very less often. They are also known as “tight slots”.

Credits – The coins that the players put into the machine are called “credits”. You will have to insert a twenty-dollar bill into the machine if you play on a dollar machine. This will give you twenty credits.

Doubles – These are the particular combinations on the slot that can make you win. When these signs show up twice or thrice at one time, they can increase the player’s winning amount by two or three times.

Fixed Value Slots – These are the slot machines where you cannot change the amount and size of the coin. This implies that the player must use one denomination and only a single coin for one spin.

Hit Frequency – This is the frequency of pay out of a specific machine. You can consider it as the average payout. You must look for less numbers when you think of hit frequency-a machine having a hit frequency 5, pays out one in five spins.

Hold Percentage – This is the amount of money of the player that the casino retains on an average. Ninety five percent of the machines retain five dollars and return ninety-five back.

Hot Slots – These machines have greater payout frequency as compared to other machines. They are also known as “loose shots”.

Line Bet – It refers to the bet on some specific line on slot machine with multi paylines.

Linked Progressive Jackpot – It is also called as a “wide area progressive”, this takes place when two slot machines or even more number of them get linked jackpots which get bigger until any person wins. These machines are marked clearly.

Multi-line Bonus Slot Machine – This term refers to slot machines that give payline greater than one. You can find variation in these from casino to casino. The bigger ones can have somewhat like fifty paylines or perhaps even more.

Multiplier – It refers to a slot machine where one can multiply its payouts under certain conditions.

One Liner – This is a slot machine having only one reel. This implies that slot players must get three symbols in a line in order to win.

Onesies – This term refers to a slot player who plays one credit or only one coin in a single chance. They do this in order to determine the average payout of a machine or for “testing” some new machine.

Payline – The line on which winning combinations on the slot machine must land in order to win a payout.

Pay Table – This is the most crucial part of the slot machine, the pay table is a small sign and every slot machine tells what all the winning combinations are and how many credits they win including bet amounts. Pay tables are very important when you are playing to win money and not for fun.

Progressive Slot Machines – A slot machine that offers the amount to grown till when until someone wins the jackpot. These are sometimes linked to progressive machines.

Reel stop – Any position on the slot machine.

RNG – A computer program that is running in the main department of slot machine, which gives random numbers and selects the results for all possible sequences.

Scatter Pay – Slot machines that pay out when no signs match. This is bonus feature offering the payouts for rolling a single symbol regardless of what other symbols you roll.

Slot Club – If your plan is to go to Vegas and play exclusively on the slot machines, then you are certainly going to love these clubs. These member exclusive program pay out prizes and special rewards to club members in exchange for a certain amount of play time on the casino’s slot machines.

Slot Hosts – Slot hosts are those employees who work with the slot machines and serve the customers to solve their issues with the slot machine.

Slot Testing – This is what professional gamblers do with the slot machine, they usually set a specific number of coins to play to determine a machine’s average payout.

Three Liners – A three-liner slot machine is one with three reels. This machine requires the player to line up the identical symbols in the line of three to win.

TITO – Also known as ticket in and ticket out, these machines print tickets, which have the winning amount printed on them and when player wants to quit, he can cash out the amount, by this way player can easily switch between machines.

Two Liner – A two-liner slots is more difficult variant of three-line slot machine. A Two liner machine has just two line to line up three signs and win, but if the symbols are doubled six, the amount is also doubled.

Up/Down Slot Cycle – Since the average payout of a machine can be found out over a greater time period, this specific term refers to the times, where the payout of a machine fluctuates from the average.

Wager Management – This term refers to the strategy of controlling the bankroll. Wager management implies dividing your bankroll in minor components for a prearranged amount of playtime.

Zig Zag – The multi line machines do not let the players to win crossways the line-on some machines, the player can win if he/she completes some specific symbol arrangements (combinations) in zigzag pattern.

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